La Capanna del Gallo - A location rich in history

The Place

The Place


Located in an 11th century village, right where the Fabbrica Castle stood, our bistro is designed for those looking for a welcoming and quality restaurant in a location rich in history and tradition. The restaurant is organized in two welcoming rooms, one of which is more intimate and private, both furnished with taste and elegance respecting the Tuscan stylistic elements and the Chianti area.

The location in a nutshell

• 20 km from the center of Florence

• At the doors of Chianti

• In the heart of the Tuscan hills

Local Ingredients

In a perfect cohesion between history and modernity, La Capanna del Gallo will immediately put you at ease, pampering you with a careful selection of local and always fresh ingredients served by a pleasant and competent staff.

The outdoor courtyard will exalt in the spring and summer evenings the beauty of the Tuscan hillside sunsets of a dinner among vines and olive trees. Our dishes, accompanied by a careful selection of wines, will cheer you up as you spend the evening in the moonlight.